“Joe has the ability to address quality, design and functionality with ease. He cares about every detail of the project and the process. For our projects, there is no one else in the KC area with his skill set and overall passion to create aesthetic, custom work.
– Client Sarah Hopkins
“What I like the most about Joe is his level of detail and his work ethic. He is obviously a very talented designer and fabricator but putting something on paper and actually getting it to its completed state is something that, in my experience, many artists can’t do, or if they do, it’s not on time. He is able to stay on task, plan in advance and deliver a product that is exactly, or better, then what he promised. He is always intensely focused on his work. He lives and breathes it. That level of interest and commitment shows in his designs and in his finished product.”
– Client Kim Tucker
Joe’s attention to detail and craft are the most important aspects to his work. He is very adaptable aesthetically. With Joe its always top notch.”
– Client/Architect Chris Fein of Forward Architecture
Joe is the only designer I know who can take a big idea and create it into something even better than you could have imagined. All aspects of the process from design to complete installation are innovative. The way he thinks is incredible – he is an inventor. Joe’s brain is a perfect balance of right and left. His creativity and design aesthetic are seamlessly supplemented by his ability to integrate the technical engineering that separates his pieces from the rest. Not to mention, Joe is a pleasure to work with every step of the process. Anyone lucky enough to have a Joe Munson design in their project will understand his impact on the entirety of a project.”
– Client Amanda Garbach of Gould Evans Architecture
“Joe has a talent for making something look beautiful by keeping it simple, while making it work for daily human use. I’ve met many brilliant designers, architects, artists, craftsmen, and builders from all over the world. I haven’t met any that can be all of these. So often today’s professionals are one dimensional or very specialized . . . Joe’s experience with all of these trades afford him to truly think outside of the traditional realm and create something unique and functional. I also admire his dedication to getting the most out of a project. I often cave into budget, time or level of difficulty, but Joe refuses to sacrifice. I swear he doesn’t know the definition of the word difficult. I could go on and on and on.”
– Client Dennis Gray of EyeTerra Corp.

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